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site survey


we also highly advice step by step the procedure and process for how to initiate the work for Water Borehole Drilling. The site investigations are essential parts before drilling a water borehole. It is must for the Site visit survey and Geologists site survey these are two different surveys which will establish if you can get the water you need from a borehole in your area. Both surveys the Site visit survey and Geologists site survey are important factor and It will give us more detailed information on aspects of ground water table and finding of drilling point and will also establish report the approximant drilling depth. The Geological site survey report, this process involves several steps, including desk study, ground or soil investigation, contamination assessments and geotechnical analysis. These two survey reports give us a lead to work on our customer Bill of Quantity (BOQ), this is a document prepared by our cost consultant that provides customers project specific measured quantities of the items of work identified according to the survey reports, specifications and the drawings for your drilling work and approximant cost of your water borehole drilling work.


We also advise on risk factors on drilling the water borehole and water prognosis. A borehole water prognosis is an investigation into the geology and hydrology of a specific area. To determine the various strata’s beneath a property and to determine the likely depth to the water table. No borehole prognosis will ever guarantee either the yield or quality of water, or in other words, and there is no guarantee on quantity and quality of water. Our customer service advisor will help and discus in large with our clients about this topic on risk factor on drilling borehole e.g. Dry borehole or water borehole with less water quantity or bad quality of water which cannot be suitable for human consumption.

Important Notice
The Site visit survey and Geologists survey both are very essential is a must be done before drilling and it cannot be avoided. Please note all the Site visit survey and Geologists survey are carried by the 3rd party sub-contractors.

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