Water Borehole drilling

Water Borehole drilling

Arusha Water Drilling Company, we offer a wide range of services in water resource development projects within Tanzania.

What services do we offer? We offer our Water Borehole drilling services, Water well construction & servicing, Installations of water pumps e.g submersible, and manual hand pumps.

We also offer additional service at extra cost, which include site survey investigation, test drilling, sampling, pilot hole and rotary drilling.

Water borehole drilling has always been our work and at the heart of what we do. Over the years we have helped both domestic, farmers and commercial clients to realise the benefits of reliable private water supplies. In that time we have worked with everyone from public sector organisations, NGOs to multi-national corporations and even domestic households. And we are proud to say that no matter how deep or shallow the water borehole drilling requirement is, we always maintain the highest standards for customer service.

Not only does drilling boreholes help to provide sustainable and reliable water sources for both residential, farmers and commercial use, but water boreholes can also be used in environmental assessments, construction work and more.

Drilling a water borehole requires precision and expertise. It involves the creation of a deep and narrow hole in the ground. There are several different ways to drill a water borehole and the best method for drilling water borehole often depends on the site survey report, and the location of the site itself. We would highly recommend using the latest drilling technology “Down-The-Hole” (DTH-ROTARY). This system works powered by using the high compressed air built within our drilling rig. The size of the hole can vary depending on the client’s requirement from a 4inch diameter to a 13inch diameter. We got drilling rigs, which has the capacity for drilling up to 600meter deep.

We would like to welcome you to visit our office in Arusha in Tanzania to discuss further any of your requirements for borehole drilling works, or you can contact us on What’s app or Direct Calling Cell / Mob:- 0745 333 336 or by email:- info@water-drilling.com


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Nature of our business, we are a professional drilling company locally based in Arusha, Tanzania.

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